You have so many options when it comes to social media management.

You can manage it yourself and try to squeeze it in around the other 200 things you need to get done each week, or you could utilise someone already in the company and they can squeeze it in around the 200 things they have to get done in a week.

You could hire someone to manage it exclusively for you, but what qualities do they need? What skills? Do they need to sound like you? Does that even matter? Better yet, you could just forget about it, because you’re too busy to think about it properly. It’s on the to do list.

We get it. All of those options are real and valid, and there are plenty of companies managing just fine (at the moment), using one of those methods. So why should you consider using a company like us to manage it for you?


Gone are the days of just throwing something up on your Facebook page every now and then and hoping it connects with someone. Building an audience of “likes” to 2,000 is great – but what purpose will it serve?

Are you trying to collect followers or are you trying to build an engaged audience of people who?actually care??

We know how to hit to build a genuine?group of social fans, cheerleaders and active participants, without all of the BS.?


Having us manage your social means you don’t have to think about it. Period. We take on all the hard work and run with it. That means you and your team can focus on the important stuff – like running your business.?

Our packages start at $70 per week ex GST for dual platform (Facebook and Instagram), and we offer multi-platform posting and management for a small additional fee, per platform.?

We charge a one-off setup fee of $150 ex GST, which includes an initial one-page strategy for you and your team, an audit/tidy up of your current page, and brand alignment (changing your graphics and info to better fit your brand). If you don’t have any social presence, we’ll setup your page for you and deliver all of the above for the same fee.

You always retain control of your page and can still post whenever you like – we’ll just give you some guidelines around how often to post and what type of content so that we’re not both double-handling.


What are you trying to achieve? What’s the best way to get there?

We work with you, at the start of your journey with us and regularly thereafter, to deliver a social strategy that serves a purpose and gets you to the end game.


No more dead spots or peak in your page activity. The posts that do go out will always connect back to the objective, which means no more random or off-brand posts just to fill a gap.


We aren’t bots, we don’t use bots, and unlike some agencies, our social media management is still underpinned by the knowledge that people respond to people. We’ll constantly manage and monitor your audience, comments and private messages to make sure we’re connecting on a real level – like we say, having 2,000 likes is great, but how many of those people are actually interacting with your brand? The days of this just being a numbers game are well and truly over.


You’ll get monthly reporting, so you can check in on your social management any time you like. That means 100% transparency for you, all the time. No secrets and no hiding!


You’d be surprised how quickly a great post can turn people off because of bad graphic or video content. Likewise, pinching graphics off of Google isn’t a good (or legal) way to operate your social presence. Our social packages include professionally designed graphics tailored to your branding. If you don’t have a visual brand established for your social presence, we’ll create one.


Social captions should fit your audience, they should connect to your objective and they should be relevant. Writing a 700 word essay, or the opposite – link-dumping, can send your audience packing. We use our whole team to create, check and approve copy before it goes out, which means you benefit from a team of many managing your business’ social presence – far better than having a single person in charge!

“Moving our social management to frankworks helped us as it meant our staff could immediately dedicate more time to their roles, instead of worrying about (or getting lost in working on) our Facebook page.

As a business owner, I don?t have to worry about my staff having a bad day and putting out the wrong messaging or off-brand posts, and there’s no risk of overtime or after hours work for staff who have to reply to private messages and comments.

frankworks spent time understanding our brands needs and our desired outcomes before launching into it, and they have totally surpassed our expectations.

All of our posts now are related to our business purpose and goals, and the posts that do go out are ones that we would never have thought of doing or spent the time to research.

The reporting has been really helpful, especially the info about reach, demographics and engagement on what our audience is really responding to.”

Paul (2017)