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How to keep your digital tone in check

Tess weighs in with some tips to help you keep your tone in check.?In today?s fast-paced world, face to face and even phone conversations are becoming the least favoured forms of communication. The voice of your brand and business is primarily online; so now more than ever, we need to be aware that written communication has a tone.?

Why font choice matters

Fonts say a lot, whether you realise it or not. They tell us about the personality, perspective, and values of a business or a person. By this point, if you’re a non-designer, you’re probably thinking, whatever, they’re just letters – it’s not that much of a big deal, so we thought we would let you decide how much of a big deal fonts really are based on your reaction to these made up examples…

Why it’s important to keep your voice

You ever heard a fake laugh? Seen a fake smile? Ever had someone make awkwardly forced eye contact with you because we?ve all been taught in Western culture that eye contact is a thing we do to show respect? Ever had a weird wet fish handshake from someone who clearly doesn?t want to touch anyone but they have to because it?s?corporate etiquette? I guarantee you answered yes to at least one of those, and if you did, then you know what I mean by losing your ?voice?.